Trail Maps

Chester has over 50 miles of trails spanning state, county, and local parks and open space. The Google map below shows the locations of trailheads with links to existing trail maps.  Click on the green hikers to download trail maps or scroll below for a list.

Chester Recreation sponsors free, guided hikes throughout the year. These hikes will be announced on this website, and on Chester Township’s Facebook page.

Click here to learn more about the Integrated Trail Ecosystem Plan for Chester.



  • Randolph Township has an incredible mulit-use trail network. Click here to learn more.
  • Mendham Township and Mendham Borough also have a number of trails.  To learn more, go to
  • To learn more about Mt. Olive’s trails, click here.


  • New Jersey Conservation Foundation’s Garden State Greenways has a map showing trailheads with links to trail maps throughout New Jersey.  Click here to learn more.

A Note About White-Tailed Deer Hunting
Please be aware that white-tailed deer hunting does occur on almost all publicly-owned open space in Chester.  Chester Township and the Morris County Park Commission strive to balance the needs of hikers and other park users with the need to manage overabundant white-tailed deer.  Chester Township’s Deer Hunting plan states:

Although the presence of hunters in parks does not present a real danger to park visitors based on hunting accident statistics, enjoyment for many park visitors is reduced by the known presence of hunters, by the sound of gunfire, by the sight of hunters, and by the sight of dead deer or deer viscera.  This plan balances hunting and forest management activities with continued passive recreational uses of these parks, however some members of the public will avoid visiting parks that are open to hunting.

To learn more about the Chester Township hunting program and policies, click here.

To learn more about the Morris County Parks hunting program and policies, including dates of County Park closures, click here.