Suggested Equestrian Trails in Chester

We had a question about where to ride horses on Chester’s Trails. Ed responds:
“According to the Western Patriots’ Path map, there are trails for horses, bicycles, and hikers in Chester.  That is the solid red line in the map below.
See the P symbol and green arrows (added)  for parking (Fairview Av., East Mill Rd., or Palmer Park).  I am not sure how suited they are to horse trailers.  From those parking lots one could then ride the white or the blue blazed trails.
If Palmer Park can accommodate a horse trailer, that would be a good place to start and ride SW on the white blazed trail the turn south onto the blue blazed trail until you get to Coleman’s Rd. then reverse to head back to Palmer Park.
We’d be interested in hearing how this works out. Happy riding!”

New kiosks along Patriots Path in Chester

Hello All, our newest kiosks are ready for hikers!  Many thanks to Eagle Scout candidate Michael Servais and team for making the kiosks and installing them.  Ed Ng wrote and put up the informational sheets with history, geology, trails, and acknowledgements.  Many thanks to NJ DEP, Morris County Parks Commission, Chester Recreational Trails Team, the Chester Historical Society, Boy Scouts of America, and the Governing Bodies of Chester Borough and Chester Township.
Stop by the West Morris Greenway Trailhead on Pleasant Hill Rd. to see this one:
Here is the one at Patriots’ Path – Seward’s Hill – 50 North Rd. just across from the tennis club.
Many thanks to the Scouts for a job well done! Now let’s do some hiking!

‘911 Memorial Trail’ Hike on 10/30/2016

On Sunday, October 30, at 8:45am, the MetroTrails hiking group ( is running a hike from Long Valley to Waterloo Village.  This hike follows the new 911 Memorial Trail (, and mostly coincides with Patriots' Path in Morris County.  Hikers will meet at the end point (Waterloo Village) and shuttle back to the start of hiking in Long Valley.

The hike is all-day and will cover 15 or more miles.  There are some up hills, like climbing Schooley's Mountain.  Staff from Morris County Parks will be providing van support.  So, it is possible to bail out early and get a ride to your car.  This is an opportunity to try a long hike even if you aren't completely sure you can finish the whole thing.

You can find details of the hike and you can register at

The hike is led by Mike Helbing.  You can read about some of the other long-distance hikes that Mike has led at: